Our hike got pushed back from yesterday to today. We got done early enough for me to blog about it anyway! This one was a 4.8 mile loop through Keaiwa Heiau State Park. It rained as we were driving there, which made us a little leery, but in the spirit of adventure, we were still determined to hike this thing. Three days without a proper hike was starting to wear on us both. Here I am at the beginning of the trail, with no clue as to how muddy I’m going to be by the end. IMG_5247

Yes, the rain may have made the trail muddy. DSC_2561 Very muddy. DSC_2587 But these are the things that make hiking fun. Well, that and beautiful surroundings. DSC_2592 DSC_2591 DSC_2608 DSC_2582 DSC_2560 Even the H3, one of Hawaii’s interstate highways (don’t ask me why they have interstate highways on an island), looks serene snaking through the mountains. DSC_2605

And here’s an “after” shot of my muddy adventure. IMG_5264

Until next time, Mahalo,