Okay, so I know I haven’t posted in awhile. I just [insert lame excuse here]. So today, I pulled out the old lights and backdrops and decided to play. I’ve been toying with the idea of offering a photo booth at weddings for some time now, and I thought it’d be a good time to test out some different types of lighting. And if I get a new profile photo out of it, that’s even better! Enjoy the many faces of Jen. untitled-1025-Edit untitled-1045-2 untitled-1050 untitled-1077-2 untitled-1101 untitled-1109 untitled-1111 untitled-1113 untitled-1115 untitled-1116-2

Yesterday, I had my first human shoot from my model call! James contacted me to be photographed with his boyfriend Grant for my call for male couples for the AYP ad. These guys were great! Despite the 90º temperature and brutal sunshine (the one day we didn’t have a 4:00 shower to cool things off), they put on their suits and posed for me! The original plan was to head to Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park, but the aforementioned sunshine pushed us to the Straz Center, which was empty and shaded! DSC_4253 DSC_4255-2 Bonus: they play music overhead even when there’s not an event going on! It made for some lovely ambiance. DSC_4263-2 DSC_4295 DSC_4306 Jared Conaway, of Conaway Photography, was instrumental in making this shoot happen, as he copied the model call on his own Facebook page for his friends to see! Thanks so much, Jared! DSC_4314 DSC_4330-Edit DSC_4337-2 And thanks again to James and Grant. You guys were awesome!

This morning I had the pleasure of photographing my first canine model for the AYP ad! His name is Zoom Zoom, and I could see why. This guy is full of energy! IMG_0007 He was super sweet, though. Julie, his human “mom,” stood off to the side directing him and bribing him with treats (this works equally well for human and canine kids, folks!). IMG_0013-2 IMG_0047 Then I took a turn with the treats. IMG_0075-Edit IMG_0081 And made a new friend! IMG_0087-Edit-2 Thanks so much to Derek and Julie for inviting me into their home to photograph this little ball of spunk! He was super cute, and I had fun!

Hello, friends!

I’m looking for some new subjects who will be featured in a print ad for the Alternative Yellow Pages, or AYP (ayptampa.com). This publication advertises businesses which support and serve the LGBT community. These are some of the subjects I’m looking for:

-Male couple for a wedding-styled shoot
-Female couple for a wedding-styled shoot
-Pets (you do not have to be gay to have your pets photographed by me)

All models will be photographed free of charge, and will receive the best images on disk (and my sincere thanks).

If you are interested, or know someone who might be, please contact me or pass along my info:

Jen Abert Photography
813-758-1032 DSC_4804

Hello, friends! Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending and photographing William’s first birthday party! It was an adorable Dr. Seuss theme!


Just look at the Lorax punch!


The birthday boy got all suited up for his cake smash.


So we headed outside! He seemed a little unsure about the cake.

130824-17 130824-20

So Dad helped him out a bit.

130824-21 130824-22

Look at this beautiful family!


Of course, he needed to wash up before going back inside.


And then presents!


Thanks to Bryan and Jodie for choosing me to document this milestone for William!


Hello Friends!

Well, I’m back on the mainland, and I jumped right back into work, so I’ve been neglecting my blogging and photo duties. But, this past Saturday, I ran (well, walked) the Flavor Run 5K in Tampa, and it was fun! I’ve done a couple muddy adventure runs, but never a color run before now.

Each participant got at least one flavor packet to start out the race with, and people were already tossing colorful flavored powder into the air to get in the spirit. So this was how I looked before the race even started. IMG_5908 And this is our group. IMG_5911 Nope, that’s not an extra limb growing out of Krystin’s side. Mr. Logan decided to tag along to his mommy’s first 5K! A few minutes before our group was set to start, the race officiant started a color wave, which was pretty fun to watch! Screen Shot 2013-08-20 at 7.10.59 PM And then we were off! We ran through various flavor stations, where they threw flavored (really, more like scented) powder at us. The blueberry station left a particularly interesting residue on the ground.

No Smurfs were harmed in the running of this race.
No Smurfs were harmed in the running of this race.

By the end of the race, I looked like a rainbow had sneezed on me. IMG_5917 And my once-white shirt was the color of Violet Beauregard’s skin (after the chewing gum). IMG_5922 Incidentally, one of the things I look for in a race I’d like to do is the medal. This one was awesome! It spins! And has a soft and pretty ribbon! IMG_5924 IMG_5930 So if any of you readers are looking for a fun race to do with the family, check out the Flavor Run! IMG_5935 Thanks,


Aloha, friends! Well, my summer vacation is drawing to a close, but this past weekend I crossed off three things on my “must do” list! Stairway to Heaven was one, photographing a sea turtle was two, and seeing Oahu from the air was the final one! This, boys and girls, is it. I’m glad it was one of the last things on this trip, because I got to revisit several of my previous adventures from 1,500 feet! This is the Cessna we flew in. IMG_5727 We almost didn’t get to go up! The weather was less than pleasant yesterday morning, and this is a small plane. It would’ve been tossed around like a leaf on the wind if the conditions had stayed like that. But we got the call around 10 that we were set to go, but it may be a little bumpy. Here we are preparing for takeoff. IMG_5728 We headed up to the North Shore. Captain Kevin Loughnane, our pilot (and Kelsey’s boss at work), flew over the water so that we could follow the shore. It was beautiful! I cannot get over how bright and jewel-toned the water is! DSC_3963 DSC_4024 This valley has been the location for several big movies, including Jurassic Park and Windtalkers. DSC_4029 Look how clear the water is. You can see everything below! DSC_4046 We also passed the previous day’s hike. You can just barely make out the radar station in the clouds. DSC_4067.1 The water is deeper here, around Makapu’u Lighthouse DSC_4100 And here’s a small island off the coast from Makapu’u. DSC_4090 We flew by the butt-kicking Koko Crater. DSC_4118 And nearby Hanauma Bay, which is a popular snorkeling spot. DSC_4133 And one final shot of the coast before we went in for a landing. DSC_4152 How’s that for adventure? I’m so thankful to Captain Loughnane for offering me this unique opportunity to view the island from the air! And I couldn’t repay Kelsey’s hospitality this summer if I had two lifetimes to do it! But I can keep saying thank you!

Readers, don’t think I’m done yet. My plane leaves on Thursday, so I plan on trying to fit in at least one more adventure.


Last night, I headed out solo to the Haleiwa Jodo Mission. Why? To watch and photograph their lantern floating ceremony. I got there early thanks to advice from the internet, and kinda just wandered around for awhile. I’d settled under a palm tree and had just finished up a FaceTime chat with my love when I heard people talking about turtles on the beach. So, of course, I went to check it out. Holy smokes, there were a lot of them! All just chilling in the afternoon sun, no apparent notice of all the people! DSC_3847 Look how cute they are! DSC_3842 A reminder, dear readers, that these and other endangered animals should be given plenty of space and not be touched at all! DSC_3850 This is why a telephoto lens is a must! After I documented the turtles, I headed to a clear spot of beach to wait for the sunset. I caught a lonely bubble that had escaped from some kids playing a little ways away. DSC_3869 Some people in a kayak passed by. DSC_3860 And a festival attendee stopped to snap a couple pictures of the golden sky. DSC_3876 Then the way was finally clear for me to capture the setting sun. DSC_3892 I hung around for about another hour when it started to rain. The lantern float wasn’t scheduled to start until 9 o’clock, and this girl had gotten up at 2:15 in the morning for a hike. I was tired, and it was dark and rainy. I was happy to have seen the crowd of turtles and a beautiful sunset. I don’t regret heading out early, considering what traffic was going to look like after the festival was done. Besides, I had another exciting day planned for tomorrow. Stay tuned!


maternity photographer tampa

Ever since my first week on the island, I’ve had the Haiku Stairs, a.k.a. “Stairway to Heaven,” on my to-hike list. We finally tackled it yesterday! As with a few of my adventures, the morning started very early. We were out the door by 2:45 to beat the security guard to the start avoid a bright, hot hike. 🙂

After a couple wrong turns, we made it to the base of the stairs and started climbing. The moon was bright enough through the clouds that it wasn’t pitch black, but we brought a headlamp and flashlight just in case. The stairs have railing on both sides, which offered a little security as we ascended, though the condensation on the metal was a little unnerving. We moved cautiously. Most of the reviews I’d read said that the climb to the first platform was the hardest, and I’d have to agree with them. It was very steep most of the way, with some parts being practically vertical (was I seriously climbing a slippery ladder at 4 o’clock in the morning?!). They are also narrow, which makes it interesting when you have hikers who want to pass. We didn’t have anyone try to pass us from below, but there were hikers already heading back down as we were climbing up. There’s not room to pass on the stairs, so one group has to climb to the outside of the railing to let the other group pass. Hikers are pretty chill people, though, because nobody had to argue about who would pass and who would cling to the outside. We took our turns, and there were no missteps. We made it to the first platform, where we took a short breather with several other adventurers.

We didn’t stay long. Just enough to catch our breath and drink some water. The day’s first light was beginning to illuminate the sky as we climbed to the second platform, and by the time we got there, we saw some lovely colors. DSC_3749 But we still weren’t to the top, so we kept climbing. By the time we reached the satellite station at the end of the trail, the sun was fully up. IMG_5703 Unfortunately, we were in the clouds at our elevation. But they started to clear up enough to see below us. DSC_3785 DSC_3783 DSC_3802 IMG_5701 The box on the hill down there was the second platform. You can’t see the first platform from where we were up here. We headed back down after a bit, and when I got back to the second platform, I took some more photos at the pillbox now that there was enough light. DSC_3816 I also thought I should document what the stairs look like when you can see them. I took this shot of the first stretch as we were climbing back down it. IMG_5714 I’ve decided to split this day into two posts to limit the number of photos loading on one page. Stay tuned.