You may remember the newborn pictures of this little guy:


Baby in Jayne Hat


Well, he’s already 3 months (and some change) old! Which means it was time for the next session in his Grow With Me plan.

He was very alert again, and let me tell you…this kid is expressive!



And he’s not afraid to show his skepticism, either.



But he eventually seemed resigned to the fact that, yes, this photo shoot was really happening.

1004 1005 1006


But that didn’t mean that he wouldn’t be a little mischievous.



Thanks to Mr. B’s mom, grandpa, and grandma for letting me hang out with him! He was cracking me up when I was going through some of these.


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And hey, thanks!




Well, I’m catching up on blogging today. Here’s a newborn session from October featuring Mr. B!

Sleeping newborn


Don’t let that picture fool you. He spent more time awake than asleep for this session.

Alert Newborn


Though it did make for some amusing photos, like in this next panel.

Hockey baby


It seems clear that this little guy prefers the Tampa Bay Lightning over the Buffalo Sabres.

Okay, okay, maybe that’s not entirely true.

Happy Sleepy Baby


We did work quickly to get as many different shots as possible when he finally drifted off.

Sleeping newborn in hats


We love hats!

Baby in Jayne Hat


But they’re also precious on their own.

Sleeping baby Sleeping Baby


Readers, you’ll have the privilege of watching Mr. B grow through his first year, as I’ll be capturing milestones through the “Grow With Me” package.

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A month ago, I took maternity photos for Carie and Travis at the beach. This week, I got to meet and photograph their newborn baby girl.

Newborn photos work best when they’re done within the first 14 days after baby is born, as they are more likely to sleep longer, and more willing to be swaddled and gently posed than when they gain stronger motor functions. As you can see by those little toes sticking out in this photo, that’s not necessarily a guarantee that they still won’t break free from their wrappings. She’s a kicker.

newborn photography


And at only 4 days new, she sure was an alert little bear cub! Bear Cub

But we managed to get her snoozing (and smiling!) a bit, too.


And you can just tell that mom and dad are so in love with their baby girl!



She was such a sweet little subject! Thanks so much to Carie and Travis for inviting me into their home to capture the kiddo who’s captured their hearts!


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Hello, friends! I come to you this Saturday morning with a preview of last night’s maternity session. Carie and Travis are first-time parents-to-be! They’re expecting a baby girl at the end of this month (eek!). Carie and I talked on the phone, and decided that Redington Long Pier in (duh) Redington Beach would be a great spot for some of the shots she wanted. And of course, we had to go in the evening so we could catch one of Florida’s trademark gorgeous sunsets (I’m pretty sure they’re trademarked).

The weather even cooperated by not dumping rain on us! We had a lovely breeze off the water that meant Jen (that’s me, hello!) was not dripping sweat from carrying around an entire portrait studio over her shoulder. It also created some lovely movement in the white maxi skirt that Carie hunted for desperately for this shoot.

But you don’t care about any of that, do you? You just want the pictures. Very well.

It was lovely under the pier, so that’s where we started. maternity Then we headed to the shade thrown by the pier to get some nice solo shots of Carie, and soon enough the sun started to set and the sky started to show its colors. 1002 maternity That sunset was pretty magical. Thanks to Carie and Travis for letting me capture this wonderful time in their lives. I can’t wait to meet the little miss!


I picked up a new backdrop this week for a charity event I’m doing this weekend (stay tuned for details). Of course, I had to test it out. The last self-portrait headshots I did a couple weeks ago with my iPhone, a continuous light and a reflector. I used my bookcases as a backdrop in that instance, because books are beautiful. photographer IMG_8636 IMG_8637 I think I look best in black & white.

By the way, I’m thinking of writing a blog post on how to get the most out of your iPhone photos. Would anyone be interested in that? Let me know in the comments.

Anywho, back to yesterday. So I set up my backdrop and my lights, and thought I’d try something new with the camera. In the past, I’ve always set the focus manually so that the plane in which I’d be sitting would be in focus, turn on the self-timer, and go. This was exhausting. It meant getting up every time and hitting the shutter again, making sure I didn’t lean too far forward or back so that I would fall outside the focus plane, and climbing over the tripod every time I wanted to check the photo. That’s why I went with the iPhone last time. I could at least see what I was doing, and I had a remote shutter release in my Earpod headphones.

But not this day. I’ve known for awhile that Lightroom allows direct capture, meaning your camera can be connected to your computer and downloading right to it. So instead of climbing around the tripod to view the back of the camera, I can just look over at my 27″ iMac screen to see it, histogram and all. It also has a remote shutter function, so I can click the mouse to take the picture. Since I have a bluetooth mouse, I didn’t even have to stretch. I had it sitting on my leg while I sat in front of the camera, which can now autofocus on me, and take photos from there. Happy day! Headshot 140731_Lights-040 140731_Lights-049 140731_Lights-086 140731_Lights-038

Ugh. Now I just need to work on my facial expression when there’s nobody to interact with. You think it’d be easy, since I think I’m hilarious. Ah, well. At least the light looked good, and I’m all set for Sunday!

As always, thanks for reading. Have a magical day. 😉

Yesterday morning, I met the Anderson/Davis family for portraits at A. L. Anderson Park (of course)! The rumbling thunder and approaching storm meant that we had to work quickly, but we managed to avoid the rain! untitled-1026 Logan was cute as ever. untitled-1029-Edit-2 And check out these lovely ladies. untitled-1022 And of course Mike had to get one with his daughters. untitled-1063 But we couldn’t leave without a picture of Logan and Grandma and Grandpa… untitled-1073 …and Titi and Uncle Zak! untitled-1086 Thanks for playing in the park with me, guys! untitled-1046-2

This evening, I had the pleasure of photographing three-generation family portraits! Linda’s two adult children and their children are staying in Indian Rocks Beach, so we took advantage of the scenery for some on-location portraits. Here’s the whole group. untitled-1002-2 Aren’t those matching dresses adorable? These kids were full of energy, and so ready to play in the water! untitled-1092 But we managed to get them to hold still for a few posed shots. untitled-1120-2 untitled-1130 untitled-1039 But of course, kids will be kids, and sometimes that’s the best. untitled-1072-2 untitled-1086 untitled-1107 untitled-1171 untitled-1085-2

Hello again, friends!

I meant to have this post up shortly after Mother’s Day, but, well, life.

I’ve known Crystal since we rode the bus together in 6th grade. We bonded over our mutual love of Nancy Drew, and have been friends ever since. She’s a professional cosmetologist who graduated from the Paul Mitchell School. She works out of the Salon Lofts in Carrollwood, and also does wedding hair and makeup. She has a blog which she updates about as often as I do mine. 😉 I go to her for all my hairstyling needs, so of course when she called on me to take photos of her and her brother DJ for a Mother’s Day gift, of course I said yes! DSC_4768 DJ was a little reluctant at first, but once he saw Crystal posing happily on her own, he decided to join in. DSC_4803 DSC_4820 He even let me take some solo pictures of him. DSC_4815-2 DSC_4860 It was a good afternoon hanging out with these two in Downtown Tampa. DSC_4864 DSC_4781