Grant and I went on a cruise, and of course I took photos!

Our first stop was Nassau, Bahamas. No excursions or guided tours here. We walked along the shore and enjoyed the beautiful blue water.untitled shoot-0829

untitled shoot-0834

untitled shoot-0849

untitled shoot-0884

Our next stop was St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands. Some people recommended that we take the water taxi to St. John to enjoy the National Park there, but we found a very good tour guide named Maryann who took us on a (sometimes terrifying) open air bus ride up the steep and winding road to Mountain Top, with a couple stops along the way for photos and interest. First was Blackbeard’s castle…untitled shoot-0928

…where I found a statue of Jack Sparrow…untitled shoot-0940

Oh, and there are giant iguanas. Everywhere.untitled shoot-0965

Here is a view of Magens Bay. The day was a little hazy, but apparently on a clear day you can see many more islands.untitled shoot-0976

Our last stop was Saint Martin (Sint Maarten in Dutch, Saint-Martin in French). It is a small island governed by two different bodies. One side is Dutch, and one side is French. We found another tour van that took us in a circle along the island’s main road. Here is a view of their harbor, which is apparently filled with boats when there’s a hurricane.untitled shoot-1007

Anyone interested in real estate? Construction is underway for homes in Indigo Bay.
untitled shoot-1029

Maho Beach, on the Dutch side of the island, is adjacent to the island’s only international airport.untitled shoot-1044

And when I say “adjacent,” I mean the planes fly right over the beach. Right. Over.untitled shoot-1074

*sigh*…untitled shoot-1080


Well, that was our trip. My next adventure is coming up in a little less than two weeks, and I am SO EXCITED!

Thanks for reading!

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    Fantastic news of the travel to see Kelsefication and to take photos! More Photos!!! I love seeing this, albeit from afar: your confidence and willingness to get deep with those things and people and spaces you love. I am glad to be on your wordpress list and look forward to all that you communicate this summer. What the heck is Grant going to do without you?!!! (play with cats, eh…) Love, Betsy

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