This morning was an early one, folks! Not as early as the sunrise hike, but early enough that I hit the snooze button twice before dragging myself out of bed. Dev and I dropped Kelsey off at work around 6, then pointed the car in the direction of Waikiki and Honolulu. IMG_5321 Today’s hike was the most populated we’ve seen yet. In all the searches I’ve done for “best hikes on Oahu,” Diamond Head is usually on the list, which is probably why there were dozens of tour groups and family groups walking up the combination man-made and naturally worn path to the top of the crater. It was a gloomy morning (and is still overcast as I type this, which is unusual), so we were treated to nice cloud cover and frequent cooling mist. DSC_2748 The rain did at least provide a consolation prize. DSC_2750 Here’s a shot of Honolulu from the top. DSC_2755 And a view of a lighthouse on the other side, with water so clear you can see the coral cities that lie beneath the surface. DSC_2767 Oh, and this long staircase…


Was kind enough to tell us the elevation at the top of it.

DSC_2769 (Though Devlin was hoping it was telling us how far down the corridor the elevator was).

On the calendar for tomorrow is Hamama Falls. See you then!



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