Yesterday, Devlin and I headed out to Hamama Falls. The trail leading up the falls is actually a service road used by the Board of Water Supply, so it was pretty easy to traverse, if a little steep at times. The air was heavy with water, so with nowhere to evaporate, the sweat from our exertion was dripping down our faces, even though it wasn’t particularly hot. In fact, this entire valley seems to get quite a bit of moisture, just judging from the lush foliage and the mushrooms growing on trees. DSC_2802 IMG_5333 DSC_2782 Hawaii is a popular place to film movies and TV shows. I found out that Manoa Falls was one of the filming locations for the next Hunger Games movie, Catching Fire. Jurassic Park is another movie franchise that has footage filmed on Oahu, so sometimes our hikes are reminiscent of those films. Then we run into structures like this: DSC_2787 and we’re convinced that we’ll run into a pack of Compsognathus, or perhaps a Velociraptor. Alas, no dinosaurs for us today. Instead we were rewarded with a lovely waterfall. DSC_2805 IMG_5341 No hikes on the agenda today or tomorrow. We need to rest up for Koko Crater on Saturday, which all the reviews say is a beast of a workout. Looking forward to getting my butt kicked by it!