Well, if I thought Saturday’s surfing adventure was a workout, it was nothing compared to hiking the Koko Head Railway! Here’s a shot of the bottom of the path, just to give you an idea. IMG_5366 “But Jen,” you may say, “it looks like it’s just stairs the whole way up.” Well, yes, the steps are actually made of old railroad ties that were once part of a tram system used during World War II to transport supplies and personnel to the Air Force station at the top. It’s approximately 0.8 miles from the base to the top, and the elevation rises 1,000 feet! Of course, you know what that means…spectacular views! This first one is Hanauma Bay. DSC_2856 DSC_2852 DSC_2858 This hike is a popular one for fitness enthusiasts and crazy people. I usually don’t start feeling sore from a workout until the day after, but my legs started shaking (and did not stop) from the moment we reached the top. If my knees had tear ducts, they would have cried the whole way down. Having said that, I could see myself doing this one again, just because I love that sore feeling from doing a really great workout. I’m not sure if that puts me in the “fitness enthusiast” or the “crazy person” camp.

Probably both.



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