I hiked to my first waterfall in Hawaii yesterday!

DSC_1999 The trail leading up to the falls is well shaded (which my healing sunburn appreciated very much), and very lush.

DSC_2023 Look at how green the canopy is! It was wet, as it is a rainforest, and that made the trail slippery and very muddy at some points. It also makes the perfect conditions for mosquitos. There were swarms of them, and I took home plenty of welts as a souvenir of this trek. But we managed to slip and slide our way up to the falls without donating too much blood.

DSC_2041 DSC_2043

The way back down was even more challenging, so I grabbed a piece of bamboo lying along the side of the trail and used it as a walking stick. I left it at the beginning of the trail for the next hiker to use.

I would definitely do this hike again, but with bug repellant!




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  1. Patti Joannes says:

    Keep sending photos, I really am enjoying them, Jealous to say the least, Luv you all…gma

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