Well, day one in Maui was exhausting because of the long drive and the very little sleep the night before. So, we decided to sleep in a bit on day two and then go to the beach for water and sunset. Before I forget, here’s the view from our hotel room’s balcony.

Thank you, Kelsey and Devlin!
Thank you, Kelsey and Devlin!

A few different sites recommended Ka’anapali Beach for nice sands, good snorkeling, and great sunsets. Sold! We took the highway along the southwestern coast of the island, and had to stop at this lookout we found. IMG_5472 It’s apparently a great spot for watching humpback whales during the colder months when they’ve migrated down to these waters. Since it’s summer, we just got a beautiful, clear view of the Pacific and some islands in the distance.

We got to our destination (after a bit of driving around trying to find the place), and staked out our spot on the sands (which were very soft, as advertised). I didn’t take many pictures while we relaxed on the beach, but when it got closer to sunset, the Nikon came out to play. IMG_5481 IMG_5478 DSC_3137 Next up: freezing our butts off for a sunrise on a mountain. Stay tuned!



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