Aloha! Yesterday we all got pretty well acquainted with the water here in paradise! We spent the morning down at the beach surfing and boogie boarding. The waves were much more forgiving this time than they were during my first attempt at surfing. Grant and I decided to try boogie boarding first. Look at that smile. He has no idea what’s in store for him. DSCF4193 DSCF4231 But we still had fun. DSCF4239 Here’s Devlin, paddling to catch the wave. DSCF4251 And Kelsey, riding the boogie board in like a pro. DSCF4254 DSCF4257 After surfing, we were invited to join Kelsey’s commander on a good old-fashioned booze cruise. The boat left out of Waikiki and took us out to a spectacular view of Honolulu and Diamond Head. DSCF4258 They dropped anchor and some people jumped in the water and swam for a bit. We all enjoyed the lovely breeze coming off the water and the partial cloud cover cutting the sun’s harsh rays. After a while, they hoisted sails and took us back in. DSCF4326 It was a pretty quintessential day in Hawaii. I’m even eating some fresh cut-up pineapple as I write this.

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