Well, my first two weeks on the island have been pretty packed with activities and hikes. The last few days have been pretty relaxed, though.

One of my goals this summer, besides spending as much time enjoying this beautiful island with my sister, is also reorganizing my business. I’ve let other obligations serve as excuses for not having enough time to build my client base and really work on my craft. But I don’t want that to be the case any longer. The days that I haven’t been exploring here have been spent studying, and researching, and interacting with other professionals so that I can make Jen Abert Photography a successful business. Among the studying I’ve been doing is a class on starting your own photography business. I know I started my business back in 2008, but I think getting back to basics can help one refocus. Among the feedback from the professor was on my website’s homepage. I want my specialty to be wedding photography, but since I’ve started blogging about landscapes, those are the photos that show up on my homepage! So, I’ll be attaching some of my previous wedding work as the featured images to make sure my branding reflects my business.

Now that’s done, here’s my mini adventure from yesterday.

Devlin and I thought we’d ease back into hiking by visiting the Wahiawa Botanical Gardens near Schofield Barracks, where my handy hiking app told me is an easy hike. I could count on one hand the number of people who were enjoying the gardens on this mild day. We’re past the season where everything is in bloom, but there were still a few colorful blooms. Here’s a pineapple ginger plant, all red and geometric. DSC_2533 The trees stole the show, though. Their roots and interesting bark patterns were mesmerizing. Here’s a eucalyptus tree with bark that looks like painted-on camouflage. DSC_2556

This tree’s two big roots sticking out of the ground reminded me of the Ents fromĀ The Lord of the Rings. DSC_2527 And the intricate roots on this tree in the lower ravine, along with the green color cast from the light shining through the leaves, was nothing short of magical. IMG_5243

Today, we’re heading out to Aiea Loop Trail in one of Hawaii’s state parks. I’ll check in tomorrow.