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food | Jen Abert Photography

Well, after a rest day on Sunday after our conquering of Olomana Trail, it was time for another hike. My destination this time was Mt. Ka’ala, the highest point on Oahu. My guide today is Sarah, who moved to the island a year ago, and is a teacher at a local middle school. She’s tackled this trail twice before, but never yet reached the top.

I’d hoped to change that, but it apparently wasn’t in the cards. This was a tough hike from the get-go. The beginning of the trail is actually a Water Department service road, like what we found hiking to Hamama Falls, only here it was paved. That did not make it easier. The incline was so steep from the start that my calves started complaining less than half a mile in! The road was about a mile (give or take), and then we got to actual trail. It was nicely shaded, and the incline leveled out for a very short time before starting up again for the entire remainder of the hike, c’mon! We moved through some macadamia nut groves and a patch of strawberry guava (very refreshing at this point). Strawberry guava The steep grade meant pretty cool views, though. DSC_3730 DSC_3739 IMG_5655 And clouds coming down the mountain. IMG_5651 But alas, I was struggling up the trail. My legs were like lead. By the time we’d reached 3,600 feet, I was moving in slow motion. Sarah was observant enough to suggest we turn back, since there might not be anything to see through the clouds anyway. Bless her. I’m stubborn enough that my kneecaps could’ve fallen off and I’d still have pulled myself by my arms rather than admit it was too much. That was a real possibility anyway, because anyone who’s had knee problems knows that it’s not climbing up that gets ya, it’s the climbing down. Looked like another dose of ice packs to the knees was in my future. We did meet a friend on the way back down. DSC_3737 I’m not sure what kind of bird this is (if anyone knows, give me a shout in the comments). It kind of looks like a pheasant, but its colors are very dull for what I picture a typical pheasant to be. Maybe it’s a female? Anyway, it walked ahead of us for a bit before deciding it didn’t like being followed and disappeared back into the brush. We made it to the car (kneecaps still attached…barely), and we headed in search of food. One of Sarah’s go-to places on her lunch breaks during the school year is Kaahaaina Cafe, which is actually part of the Waianae Comprehensive Health Center campus. Yep, the hospital cafeteria is one of her favorite eateries. And I totally understand why! First off, check out the view: IMG_5658 And their menu changes daily based on what’s caught and harvested fresh. The catch of the day yesterday was grilled ahi with a sweet chili dressing, rice, and a mixed greens salad with sprouts and a dressing made of, I assume, unicorn tears. Seriously, I got a little misty-eyed as I savored all the different flavors on my plate. My mouth is watering just looking at this picture. IMG_5659 I ordered a lava flow smoothie to go along with it, which is basically a virgin piña colada with strawberry purée. Yum!

And that was my attempt at conquering Mt. Ka’ala. Sadly, I will probably not have time to challenge it again before I leave the island (not that I’d be in any better shape to reach the top in a week). Guess it’ll have to be on the agenda next time I come to Oahu.