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lighthouse | Jen Abert Photography

Aloha, friends! Yesterday was an action-packed day for our little group. We headed out to one of several beaches around Bellows Air Force Base on the eastern side of the island. This beach was actually on base, so we shared the waters with several military families. Here, Kelsey introduced me to boogie boarding, which is a very popular activity on this beach on account of the waves being just right. DSC_2621 Now, growing up along the much calmer waters of the Gulf of Mexico, I’d never really participated in water sports. But this was fun, and a fantastic workout! Also, as a bonus, it really clears out your sinuses when you get flipped over by a wave. Or…so I’ve heard…

Kelsey is much more athletic than I, and even showed off some of her skim-boarding skills, which is kind of like skateboarding, but across a thin layer of water. DSC_2623 We had kind of an exciting moment when the lifeguard called everyone out of the water because of a shark sighting a little further down the beach. We didn’t get to see it our own selves, but it was exhilarating nonetheless. We left the beach a short time later for our next planned stop, the Makapu’u Lighthouse trail. DSC_2684 DSC_2641 Our primary goal here? To settle in and watch the full moon rise over the eastern waters. Last night, the moon would be closer than it has been all year, which typically makes for some pretty spectacular views. Unfortunately, it was cloudy. DSC_2664 But I did manage to capture a few shots of the elusive satellite, including this one of the light reflecting off the water. DSC_2721 DSC_2709 It was not quite what we expected, but the walk up the trail was nice enough, and the lighthouse was certainly cool to look at. We even spotted a “friend” on the way up. DSC_2632

Definitely resting today. Who knows what tomorrow has in store for us?