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This past Saturday, Kelsey and I tackled Olomana Trail (Three Peaks) again, this time going all the way to the third peak. It was a challenge! Getting to the first peak wasn’t too bad. I’m in better shape than I was the first time we did this hike, so getting there didn’t take us as long, and the view was as magnificent as ever. Windward Oahu Windward Oahu Getting to the second peak wasn’t too difficult, either. Not too much actual climbing involved. It wasn’t until the top of peak two moving onto peak three that the real challenge started. IMG_5616 Yes, that’s Kelsey rappelling down the side of a mountain with a rope that’s tied to a tree. I should put in a disclaimer here that several of the hikes on this blog are listed as moderate or strenuous. Meaning, if you’re not in fairly good shape (or if you’re not completely insane), then you probably should not attempt these. There were no tragic missteps on the way down the ropes, and we continued on. The ridge was narrow at some points, with sheer drop-offs along either side. We made our way carefully to the next big obstacle, which was this rock… IMG_5619 …which looks like it’s giving a thumbs-up. At first I wasn’t sure if it was an encouraging thumbs-up, or just a sarcastic one. Then I saw that we had to climb down to the left and around that rock, clinging to the side of it because there was nothing but air to catch you. So, sarcastic. In the spirit of adventure, I still managed to hold on and snap a quick photo looking up at the rock. IMG_5620 This, too, we survived, and then had more climbing to do (as you can see in the background of the picture with Kels and the “thumbs-up” rock). Eventually, we made it to the third peak, and I got a view of the first two and more of the windward side of the island. IMG_5623 IMG_5626 We rested for a bit and ate our sandwiches (peanut butter and jelly for me) while enjoying the nice breeze. Ah, we felt so accomplished! Until we realized that we had to do that entire thing again, only in reverse.

What the French toast?!
What the French toast?!

Oh, well. We made it back and I rewarded myself with ice packs on both knees and a nice peppermint-infused epsom salt foot soak, followed by a day of doing not-a-darn-thing.

By the way, Grant, I saved the scary pictures till after the hike so that you wouldn’t worry. You’re welcome. 😉