Well, I’ve been relaxing the past few days (yesterday excluded), and let it translate into my posting. So, I apologize to the few of you who are following my adventures on this site. I will reward your patience with two posts today chronicling what I’ve been up to since Tuesday.

Wednesday, we decided, would be a relaxing day. Since Kelsey was working, Devlin and I decided to go back to one of my favorite spots from our first day out. DSC_1476

But this time we brought masks, snorkels, and my underwater camera case! DSC_2168

Devlin enjoyed snorkeling so much that we decided to go out on Thursday as well, to another beach we’d already seen on our treks. DSC_2238 DSC_2257 DSC_2262 DSC_2271

Stay tuned for my photo recap of yesterday’s hike!